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An Ambrak is who frequently comments on how similar or not the environment is to balls. They have a supreme talent of procuring any program desirable off of internet download sites. Also Ambraks are known to get themselves into dangerously awkward social situations. Not in all cases but in many Ambraks have a serious attraction to Asian females.
Oh man, last night Kyle was being such an Ambrak. On several occasions he remarked how the room was hot as balls and was excited to go home and download the entire discography of Celine Dion. It was quite an awkward experience when the Ambrak in question told our Asian waitress that she smelt like she was horny. What will this crazy Ambrak do next?!?!?!
by Mike Grossman September 03, 2007
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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