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Noun. A relationship that defies classification. Can be short term or may last years.

neut. Ambigamist
masc. Ambigamister
fem. Ambigamiss (also ambiga-mrs)


Marcus: I thought Paul and Jen were not dating but then last night, they cuddled and giggled all through the movie. What gives?

Mel: I know what you mean. They are Ambigamists.

Marcus: What's that?

Mel: It's a word some guy made up. I guess that's the simple explanation, I mean without getting too much into semantic theory.

Marcus: No, I know that. but-

Mel: oh you know it was a guy that made it up? doesn't that seem just a tad bit misogynistic?

Marcus: No not about it being a guy. I just mean what does it mean?

Mel: oh. Well you can go online and read the definition by clicking on this word ambigamy.

Marcus: How do I click on a word you just said? that doesn't make sense. Never mind, you are weird. I'm out of here.

Mel: Well look who's talking! I'm not even a real person.
by myziggah June 19, 2010
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