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Ambear(Amb.Ber) is a name referring to the Queen female of a species of bear found off the Puget Sound called The Nelsons.

The Ambear is Den Mother, the Matriarch and confident of her group. While not having the strongest Alpha personality the Ambear is usually pushed into a position of leadership do to the Apathy of other Nelsons.

The Ambear is a strong hunter, but tends to eat the easiest pray to catch. For some reason an Ambear can often be seen carrying around a still living Fish. Scientists haven't quite figured this one out yet.

When Finding a Mate, The Ambear will usually choose a much larger male Nelson and proceed to over power him and make him submit to her desires. The Male Nelson does not seem to mind this, but the other male Nelsons seem to treat him as if he was defeated.
I lvoe the Ambear exhibit at the zoo
by GupyF December 07, 2010
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