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the best girlfriend ever that created this to explain how amazing I am (which I disagree with but I still love her, so it's all good). This happened while texting her, I ended up smiling like an idiot. In fact, I was so happy that I accidentally hit myself in the fuck face. I probably wouldn't ask why.
She's the most amazingesterest person in the world and I'm the luckiest to have her :D
by hey what's up how's life May 26, 2018
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Word meaning that someone is more amazing than the word itself. They're amazing-est-er-est, meaning that they're amazing-est, amazing-er, and amazing-est (again) all at once. It's a word to describe the best person in the world. A person who gets called amazingesterest should know their value in this world and know that they're cared for, loved, and accepted by many.
Ash: I love you, you're so amazing.
Ez: I love you too, and you're amazingesterest.
by Milton Teagle Simmons June 02, 2018
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