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Amazing Island is a video game, circa 2004, developed by Hitmaker/Ancient, and was published by Sega. The entire basis behind this game is that the tribe of Maboo, the main NPCs in the game, are dying out, and need to be saved and restored from the Evilings, who were the ones that origionally devestated the Maboo population.

The game play seems sort of similar to that of Mario Party, in the sense that your goal is to beat out Evilings at mini games in order to free the Maboo, however another intersting twist of this game is the deep character customization. While the main character is an 11 year old boy/girl (option bestowed upon the player) you use a monster that is either assigned to you, created for you, or created by you, through which to play the mini-games. This character customization style seems similar to that of Magic Pengel, circa 2003, published by Agetec. The style is as follows:

The player unlocks frames for his/her monsters, these frames include places for legs, heads, bodies, and other body parts depending on the frame. The player draw whatever s/he desires onto these frames and the game attempts to figure out how the monster would move about the three dimensional enviroment based on the design/framework of the monster. However this is more conforming than that of Magic Pengel, as Magic Pengel did not include frames, offering more freedom, and didn't simply mirror the drawing for the other leg/s / arm/s.
Me: "Hey, have you played Amazing Island?"
Friend: "Yeah, it's sort of like Magic Pengel, right?"
by Ethan Fairweather August 04, 2006
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