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Lightskin girl who sometimes looks like her bestfriend. Loves dred heads (mainly darkskin) gets mad when you interrupt her, or leaves out the details. Has to wear a bra or she feels weird.
"Hey Mimi my friend Amarri didn't have a bra on today and she swore she was going to die"
by Doglover7228 February 01, 2017
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amarri is a brown light-skin girl name with dark eyes unless there in the sun. she’ll make your day bright up without hesitation and she likes to stay out late with the perfect one. everyone falls for her and if you haven’t fell for one yet you might want to try and you’ll think your with the perfect one. she’s very independent and is a leader without the urge to be a follower.she is very beautiful and hard-working aka she’ll usually be a latina!
if an amarri drops you still go for her please!!
by 062001 November 04, 2018
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