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The joining of “Amanda” and “Lynn” begets the harmonic “Amandalynn,” a name most commonly associated with creative, generous and optimistic women.

The Latin elements of this much-loved name include “Amanda,” which translates to “she who must be loved.” “Lynn” is short for “Linda,” meaning “pretty.”

By uniting the two, it’s evident that “Amandalynn” can be understood as “the pretty woman who must be loved.”
"Amandalynn" suits her well.
by EditorTE February 16, 2010
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Noun derived from the names amanda, lynn or possibly obst. This is a nickname that is givin to a girl who is such a whore that she is constanly coughing up cum, this girl will prefer the black dick over the white one as it is bigger and can fill more of her gaping butthole, even touching her could result in the spread of STDs and possibly AIDs.Taken from the pornstar "amandalynn"
That girl is such an amandalynn only a luv dog would touch her.
by Benisabeast November 21, 2006
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