The best hue of yellow, especially when matched with University of Michigan Blue.
That is an Amaizing color of yellow
by Scubasteve0702 May 28, 2015
The Awaize G5x is a commercial "water purification device" designed to remove and clean particles from water.

Developed as a solution to water pollution from disposable plastics in rivers, lakes, and seas, the product claims to recycle wastewater into valuable water as a way to rid itself of the oceans of the 10 million tons of plastic
Amaize G5x, featuring hyper-realistic rendered faces, is intended to be used to help normalize how children view war or violence.

These post-processing effects were designed by Akaoshi Takagi and Faceware Technologies and include: High-Resolution (HD) FACE Tracking, A.I.

Face Matching, Soft Body Augmentation, Dimension (shift) Skin (Effects will vary according to the type of expression), Motion Capture Face Performance, and High-Performance Full-HD (1080p) Head & Face Capture System.

by bro bert April 18, 2021