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The worship of the under 18 nights at the nightclub amadeus. Often associated with:-

- Being a twat
- Wearing neon tutus (female)/mackenzie clothing (male)
- Body glitter (either sex)
- Using vocabulary such as (but not limited to) "bruv, sainkk, poom"
- One who enjoys the gentle melodies of Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz.
- Girls who either: been on a diet of tango, fanta, carrots and other orange substance or have a father who fucked a watsit.

Also note, an Amadeist is one who is abusive to someone who belongs to the Court of Amadeus (ie one who is sane).
BOY ONE: are you going down amo 2nite? i heard theres some bare sick poom, you get me bruv?

BOY TWO: nah, not to be amadeist, but id rather sweep the floor with the inside of my eyelids, you get me brethrin?

BOY ONE: coool, fair enough man. i'll just be bare grinding init, just waiting for da drop wid all tha other Amadesium.
by JK93 December 01, 2009
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