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Alyxandra's are easily the best of anyone named "Alex". They are always quirkey, and slightly crazy. But it's their immaturity that attracts people to them. They are actually quite responsible and befriend everyone, however, if you cross anyone she loves or cares for, best just leave the country- She will hunt ou down and make you pay. Alyxandras have very loud laughs and are generally on the shorter side. And if their spelling of their name was any indication- they are horrible spellers but great writers. The queen of ally Alyxandra's resides in North Dakota and is champion of beer pong. Although city born, this queen is hick down to the core. WARNING: Don't ever let Alyxandras play Texas Hold 'Em. They don't know what they are doing, but chances are they will beat you.
"Who is that whore over there making out with my boyfriend?"
"Oh, it's just Alyxandra, she's probably drunk."
by Cowgirl_4_u February 02, 2010
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