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Someone who despises non-dubbed anime. He is often disruptive and loud, always wanting to be the centre of attention. He denies the existance of online games and enjoys a session of rap every now and then.
Ameer: Hey you watched episode 29 of Gundam yet?

Sohail: What, no, Gundam sucks, 50 cent videos are better.

Ameer: What the hell, no they aren't!!

Sohail: Yeah they are, innit, MC12 rappah in da house!!

Ameer: You played any Fiesta or Runescape yet?

Sohail: What the hell is that?

Ameer: An Internet game.

Sohail: What the hell, computers aren't meant for games they're meant for nerds an' geeks an' stuff.

Ameer: You're such an Alwarey.
by Jeffrey Greggs February 07, 2009
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