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He is avery sexy greylead, he likes to be held ;) derived from the greek legend, alpha ;);) he is a ladies man, and he is always being used. he is often mistaken for Zac efron and he feels as if he has no individuality, because he is so sexy like zac efron.
Alphalpha is homeless at the moment because his owner is too poor for a pencil case so he travels round in her pocket ;)
alphalpha can also be used for many diffrent things ;) like a ruler and other devices ;) like for chewing.
Aplahalpha is in love with a texta named lampada and she wears a sombrerro.
He is a muzza grey lead and he has a canaray yellow VL TURBO.
he wears a bum bag and has two mobile phones; one for the bros and one for the hos. guess which on he calls his mum on?

you guessed the bros ;D

Bell st macas bro. thats fully hectic.

Alphalapha likes long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners.
your such an alphalpha
by turtleetash;; October 18, 2010
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