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An Athletic/Buffed Weaboo

Alpha Weeb (アルファウィブ)
Like a Weaboo, Alpha Weebs are in to Japanese anime and also have their own waifus. Although, they are very athletic and they sometimes use their waifu, ironically or unironically, as a motivation for their gains. They have accepted themselves in being branded a weaboo.

Alpha Weebs are not afraid to workout with anime merchs on them and can be seen in packs. That being said, their social capabilities are exceptionally well.

There are plenty in the Armed Forces of some countries. Since they are very athletic.

They often call each other "Tanks" or "Units".
Person 1: Hey dude, I heard that one gym god was going to the Army!

Person 2: Yeah man, he's an Alpha Weeb. An absolute Unit. He probably watches more shows than us and he can also deadlift his 500LB bodypillow.
by Kazachi July 07, 2018
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