literally the best artist out there rn bro
whos summer alone?”

Me: “are u deadass
by December 11, 2022
the person that said this is not to be investigated and their case should be left unsolved
wait... ITS YOU! PLEASE just... please leave me alone and how did you get in my house WAIT IS THAT A GU-
by June 19, 2022
The forever alone rage comic has squashed, wrinkled head with an enormous jaw and dimpled chin, and a stick figure body. He is usually depicted as crying in the final panel of a comic along with the words forever alone, used a kind of punchline after some experience of failure, rejection, or isolation in romantic relationships. For instance, one comic begins with a stick figure coming home from work and announcing, “Honey, I’m home.” The character then eats a literal jar of honey, culminating in the forever alone face with traces of honey on his lips.

The forever alone face appeared in a popular 2010 video game, Super Meat Boy, and a marketing campaign by Sony Ericsson’s Xperiathon, a solo marathon project. Interest in the phrase forever alone peaked on Google Trends in 2012—right around Valentine’s Day.

The forever alone rage comic became popular to the point that the expression forever alone took off as its own meme in the mainstream, and is often used as a hashtag or a reaction comment in social media.
Have you seen that Forever Alone meme?
by Sarah Daniels September 15, 2021
An American actor that is most famous for his hit movies Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Macaulay Culkin but his actual name is Home Alone.
Dude: Bro. Did you see Macaulay Culkin at the Gucci Fashion Show?
Me: Who is Macaulay Culkin? Ooooo, you mean Home Alone? Yeah I saw him.

Dude: I thought his name was Macaulay Culkin.
Me: Nah my Dude. His name is Home Alone. Alot of people get his name mixed up for some reason.
by alstiner November 22, 2021
When your basically fucked
Like your stuck somewhere with no way of getting out; hence, the boat with no paddle.
Person 1: Yo b where you at? Shit started an hour ago.
Person 2: shitt nigga… swear to God im all alone with no paddle.
by Nollie August 22, 2022
A sentence used to mock a League of Legends player which prefers to play the game instead of interacting with the outside world.
Sometimes it can be used by the League player himself, making the whole conversation all the more tragic.
James: "Eyo bro you gonna hop on OW?"
Sam: "Nah I'm on League right now"
Sam: *dies*
by Roninbar September 12, 2021