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A beautiful, friendly, loving and loud but yet nice person, a freespirited dont give a fuck kind of person. She's very random and could careless what you think of her. She has choke friends, very popular some sort of outspoken, she's kind of intimidating but really sweet and nice, she's very hilarious, she's the kind of person you want to be around when your having the worst day ever, she kills at singing shes badass at it, she reps the "nalo" all day every day.
damb she's fuckin hilarious, you know that girl alohi
by April 18, 2011
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A beautiful, pretty, kind, outgoing & outspoken girl. She's a straight DG. She's not afraid to get down and dirty ;) She's the free spirited type and could care less about what you think of her. She's one of the baddest bitches around and always down for her girls. She reps her 96792, Wai'anae all day everyday. She has a big heart but dont get it twisted, dont mistake her kindness for weakness. Dont fuck her over because she'll do it 10X as hard, trust.
dayum. she's a bad bitch, that girl 'Alohi
by b@ngahz May 14, 2011
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