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The recognition of every individuals' corporal apparatus that allows each to believe whatever they want. It classifies religion into tools for specific uses and divides them into categories with comparison and correlation of similar elements and uses. It places the person above all belief and shuns the use of a single tool(Religion) over another, in respect for the multitude of tools available, and their specific uses.

If Christianity/Islam/Zoroastrianism/Etc. are ways to contact higher intelligence, then Alltheism is the container that houses every belief.

When thinking of Religion each have a specific time frame they are active. If God is an infinite being then the element of "Time" becomes equal for all Religions. The narrative presented in each religion then must satisfy all people in all times, Past, Present, and Future. Alltheism recognizes the equality of time and presents all religion with equivalence and equanimity.
Christian: I believe Jesus is the only way to heaven.
Alltheist: So do I.
Muslim: I believe in Allah.
Alltheist: So do I.
Christian/Muslim: This is impossible. You can't believe in both at the same time.
Alltheist: I can because I believe in you first, then your beliefs. If you can present a coherent argument as to why you believe in what you believe then I believe the same because Alltheism is the belief in your body's apparatus to determine what you believe. If your apparatus is working, with no faults, then belief in the person/apparatus is paramount.
by gsusgod January 17, 2015
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The belief in all Gods and principles of religions, so that one is guaranteed salvation. It one beliefs and upholds all the principle, of every religion (although often contradicting), said person, I always right, and likely to conquer all argument.

Gods include... Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Muhammad, Vishnu, Krishna, Oprah... etc.
Jew- "Jesus is not the messiah!"

Catholic- "Why yes he is, my curly headed friend."

Hundi- "Wrong, so wrong!"

Alltheist- "It doesn't matter! If you're an alltheist... you're ALWAYS RIGHT! With alltheism, don't worry... heaven is the place for you, other wise, you have hell to look forward too!"
by iAMgodTHEREFOREright April 18, 2010
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