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Allstate Beauty is a supposed supplier of beauty products from New York. However, there are numerous complaints against them that they will take your money, never ship your product, and are literally impossible to contact. Essentially, a scam.
A: I ordered a beauty product from Allstate Beauty.
B: How is the product?
A: I wouldn't know, because it never showed up!
by xyv June 17, 2009
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allstate beauty is a type of beauty that just takes your breath away. when a woman is wearing a product bought from allstate beauty there is a glow about her as she walks down the city street. she is happier, kinder, taller, and loves life. this is because allstate celebrates the inner beauty of woman, and its products help bring out that shine. such is the power...of allstate beauty.
"Wow, do you see that girl? She is not just beautiful, she is allstate beauty beautiful."

by claudi_a February 28, 2009
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