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Allica is someone I would define as somebody you would meet once in a lifetime. They are extremely quirky, and are an amazing person to hang out with and have a good laugh with.
They are always able to read your body language, and are always able to read the emotions of a situation.
They like to do things their own stupid way, and refuse to do things (the normal way). Nothing it too weird for them! XD
Their weakness is they hate to show other people their emotions, and always smile no matter what is happening.
If you find an Allica, let them know how freaking amazing they are, and always make sure they are okay, even if they laugh it off.
Person 1: Is that Allica??
*Girl walks past with fifty hair ties holding up her ponytail and nibbling on an edible flower*
Person 2: Yep, that’s her
Person 1: I love that girl she is crazy
by PurpleLips July 17, 2018
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