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The All Round Pressure Club is an exclusive fraternity enjoyed by gentlemen who have their Brown Wings.

The name is derived from the continuous circle of pressure applied by the human anal sphincter which is quite distinct from that of the vagina which, particularly for ladies with a fair amount of wear and tear, has a distinctive H shaped channel which unhelpfully expands as stimulation proceeds.
Lew: Hey Jerry that was some fucking row coming from your apartment last night. I thought someone was being murdered. What the fuck was going on?
Jerry: I got me brown wings, fella. There was collateral damage.
Lew: Get in. Another member of the All Round Pressure Club.

"Elementary my Dear Watson", said Holmes, "the suspect's carefree demeanour, hearty appetite and cheerful countenance merely serves to confirm my suspicion that he is a fully paid up member of the All Round Pressure Club" - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Pummeled Hoop.
by goody5 December 08, 2010
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