Said about a car that lacks exterior finish like a good paintjob, fresh chrome, decals, spoilers but is equipped with a powerful engine, prepped transmission, heavy duty suspension and so on, making it
fast without anyone really knowing it. A fast piece of "junk", in other terms.
Ricer: Man, what a old piece of shit you've got there! My Civic looks way better and has a turbo and makes a cool
"pshhh" sound when i shift gears! Get a
paintjob and some 22" rims man!

Car owner: It's called a Chevy Nova and it's all go, no show. It's got a vortech-supercharged fuel-injected 454, a five-speed and a 4-link rear suspension. Wanna race?
by Jo_Onas August 11, 2008
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1. Describes a car that is much faster than it looks (see "sleeper")
2. Describes someone who is very good at what they do but would have you think otherwise (ex: a humble person, or a swindler)
Damn! I just got dusted by that Spirit R/T. I thought I had him for sure, but he's all go, no show!
by iuahdfpgiuhadifgh February 5, 2012
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