Alkimos college is a cunty school filled with cunty students, they consist of silly faggots, dumb cunt eshay lads and cunted tryhards
“Wassup my cracka how you been”
“Onion and cheese dipping sauce
“Alkimos college been a reel L bruv”
by Putasmacka October 21, 2021
The name Alkimos Baptist College is a banner for people, often called “Students”
There are many groups under this banner like Eshays, snowflakes, ‘based gods’
All of these are commonly found at the school of the same name. But the large majority of people that go there often don’t leave their house.
Person 1 : god those alkimos Baptist college kids are annoying

Person 2 : don’t even get me started
by RaccoonTrashhhhh August 21, 2021