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Alizia is a strong women, never cries nor sheds a tear at a funeral. She is usually super hot. Alizia is very nice and outgoing she cares for others and is very humble. Alizia is very beautiful and sweet and charming and can always date her crush. You should date her.
Hey have you met the new girl Alizia?
by Foxsugar1 August 09, 2018
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Alicia is a very uncommon name, however she is usually the most smartest most beautiful person. She is very nice and never hurts anyone. Alizia has a lot of people she likes, she is interested in one at a time. Alizia loves all people and living things.
Alizia is very tall.
by Foxsugar1 December 15, 2017
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Alizia is a very loud person. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She will always there for you no matter rain or shine. She can make you laugh in the darkest of times. Alizia is truly the best friend you could ever have. Although, she may get on your nerves sometimes, you’ll always look back and laugh. Alizia is very nice and cares about her friends. She is usually a very tall person with brown hair and brown eyes. When you first meet alizia you will want to be her friend asap. Alizia is amazing. Inside and out
That girls name is (alizia) right?

Yea! She’s great.
by bad.x.sis August 09, 2018
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