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Alison its 2am and i thought of you.. not like i never do.. its boring tumbling all alone now.. as i scroll down my tumblr i see how it used to look like and how it looks like now, before there was even a picture with me smiling, did u kno thts the only picture i have with me and an actual smile? guess who took that picture? guess who caused that smile?<3 i miss you so much and i dont think this counts as a definition for urban dictionary but who cares.. when i hug u in the hallways for those 2 min i see you, i try to cherish it.. i wish tht u could be in my arms forever.. i wish that i could tell u everything i feel, even if i sat at this computer and typed for hours i wouldnt be able to splurge out all my feelings for u on here.. i cant get over you and i hate pretending that idc or that i AM getting over you.. but yea i tried moving on.. but hey what a suprise no1 likes me.. i guess i cant do "so much better than this" huh alison.. i cant do shit.. this just turned to a tornado of my feelings.. im srry. ill try to get happy lol, well as i face and accept my eternal loneliness just dont forget me alison, i will always love you, i dont wanna be a lost memory but a cherished one.. well heres ur 3 page letter.. i feel like sucha pussy when i tear up.. guess i am one. lol, jrfiilfremdc, with love, Squirtle.
Alison taylor peacock is fucking the most amazing girl in the world, and she only deserves the best of the best.
by alejandrosquirtle August 29, 2011
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