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Alexandra, is someone who can only be defined as a Goddess. She is flawless with her spicy personality. She is magnificent and can perform miracles with her inhumanly, Godly powers. Usually she will have dazzling accessories to go with her spiffy style, but can become very jealous of another girl very easy, sometimes of even boys. Alexandra is expensive and can be dramatic at times, but usually is her usual organic, zippy self. This girl loves boys, obsessed over BOTDF and is gorgeous while she does all of this. She is someone who is upfront with everything, so if someone is pissing her off, she will go straight up to them and deck them in the face. Alexandra is enchanting, usually found mesmerizing some boy with her irresistible charm and beauty. She hates to be alone, and can stay awake with a friend no matter what. This is why Alexandra is the best friend anyone could ever have, she is the silly to my billy. She is my Pretty Kitty. She is my Biffle fo sho.♥

P.s Unfortunately, Alexandra likes to act too crazy sometimes resulting in me having to watch out for her to keep her out of trouble.
Melissa: Hello Miss Alexandra Kump.
Alexandra: Hola, amiga.
Melissa: Have you had something to drink this afternoon?
Alexandra: Its five o’clock somewhere,

by TwistedGlory July 20, 2010
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