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An 8 or 16-week course offered to High School Students. The campus is located right outside of Tel Aviv in Hod Hasharon. The Jewish history class taken there is an easy A and the teachers don't want you going home with an F so passing your home classes is easy. The program is awesome and it's super easy to slack off and participate in illicit activities.

-Buy your weed from the Italians
-Participate in sexual activity in the Australians rooms after they leave at night
-Invest in Febreeze
-Don't eat the campus food
Classic Jewish kid #1: Yo, Brochacho I'm spending 8 weeks in Israel

kid #2: What, why?
Classic Jewish kid #1: Bromigo, I'm about to spend 8 weeks basking in the sun, fuckin' bitches, smoking some bud and hanging out with some members of the tribe at Alexander Muss High School in Israel
by The real John Stamos February 03, 2017
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