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A theory postulated pertaining to the size and elasticity of the female vaginal opening wherein the size of the the vaginal opening at the caudal end of the vulva is set at puberty and can be used to predict the wieght of the woman in middle age.
In lay terms, a girl grows into the size of her vagina which is the same at puberty independent of outside stimuli.

In normal terms, a pussy is what it is...loose or tight. It doesnt prove theyre a whore and doesn't prove they're not. It's luck. A bitch grows into it, wideset = a future fat mama. Tight = a future milf.
Person 1: "Dude! I fit four fingers inside Sally last night!"
Person 2: "Bro, according to Alex's Constant look out that means she's turning into a 40 year old porker."
by ThatGuyHasAHugePenis January 17, 2011
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