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(noun, pronounced 'a-li(ə)rēəm')

This is the state reached when the most possible fun is being had ever.

The kind of people who reach this state would never actually use this word in a sentence. They are too busy having a good time to consider objectively what state they are in.

Alerium can only be achieved in a group who, through the power of connection and wit, have broken the boundaries of normal conversation and have ascended to a higher level of mutual understanding and humour.

It is accompanied with uncontrollable laughter, massive delight and an overwhelming pride in brain and human capacity.

It is the very highest form of achievable non-sexual human fun. Only ever seen at parties which are so good that vibesy has been put in the naughty corner. (See vibesy).

Most people will never achieve alerium, or even see people reaching it. It is very rare and the steps to reaching it cannot be taught or fully explained.

It will most likely be used in a sentence as such:
'I've never experienced alerium, I'm not convinced it actually exists.'

(It does. Good luck.)
by SZR May 19, 2013
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