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An act of pure ritual fetish where by the man cums and shits inside the woman's vagina lips, pinches them together, smacks his mistress ass (i.e. in a three way), then has her eat the shit out of his other hoe's vagina. Historically the ritual involved a dog's prolapsed rectum (i.e. Ritual participants would feed the dog Juan Pablo's Devil Juice to achieve rectal blowout), whale dicks and cattle semen, but since the age of enlightening has become simplified.
Geewhizzz i saw Suzy Rotten Crotch eat Billy's girl's Alaskan Crab Cake with extreme prejudice.
by The Good Dude Giveth September 06, 2016
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A delicious meal made by your Alaskan grandmother that you enjoy each time you visit her.

What did you expect, you nasty motherfucker?
My Grandma made delicious Alaskan Crab Cakes for us when we visited her last March.
by CuriousSnail June 08, 2016
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A sex move involving a man doing a bridge with a women performing a handstand while gentle falling on to the man's dick.
"Yeah man, I broke my dick last night performing the Alaskan Crab Cake."
by Omega45 May 30, 2016
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