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The indigenous people of Alaska (including but not limited to the cultural groups Inupiat, Yupiit, Sugpiaq, Unangan, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, Athabascan) who have inhabited the land since time immemorial. Alaska includes over 230 tribes, each of whom are sovereign entities and have unique traditions and ways of life. Their strength and perseverence in not only surviving but thriving in their environment has endured, and collectively they remain a significant and ever present population of the state of Alaska. Despite over a century of colonization, forced assimilation, disease, discrimination and cultural, linguistic and phsyical genocide they remain resilient and proud. This historical trauma, however, often creates debilitating social problems in villages of rural Alaska, that are compounded by the fact the state of Alaska that does little to support it's rural residents. But this is not the defining trait of Alaska Natives. They are indefinable; each Alaska Native individual, family, village, government unique. They are not a people trapped in the past, nor disappearing into a bleak, uncertain future. They are descended from incredible men and women who worked collectively to create a better future for their children and children's children, who continue to shape what it means to be Alaska Native today. At the heart of it all, they are human, perfect in their imperfection, capable of mistake, and with a great capacity for love and compassion, just as we all are.
Many Alaska Natives practice a subsistence lifestyle, which is a way of life practiced by their ancestors since time immemorial.
by unataqtugut September 28, 2014
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The proud native peoples of alaska, Eskimo, Athabascan, tlinkigt(sp?)Inuit and Aleut. Many live in villages and live a subsistence (grocery store is the woods) lifestlye with proud elders and oral tradition. Many live in towns populated with whites/ living a not so proud existence, alcoholism is rampant, the young males of this species are prone to actin like they all hard and shit, dressing like negroes and acting as such. The females are extremley easy and quite unfortunate inn appearance.(Big assed torsos flat assand skinny legs Whilst quite knowlegeable in outdoor persuits, the lack the skills to achive any noticeable quality of life in white society therefore most are in jail. Most culture and history is being lost on the new generation due to tv and internet and video games. If your a white man dont bring yo ass to the villages; you are sure to get your shit tossed, unless you have came to sell your $11 dollar bottle of Rich & Rare canadian whiskey (r&r as its better known)for $80 so said natives can better facilitate domestic violence. also called natives, na-tuff
tourist: honey look at the native coming down the street, i wonder if he can tell us anything about this place
Alaska native to rich white tourists: hey, you got cigarrette?
tourist:no we dont smoke
Alaska got ciggarette?
(white people get jumped for not giving a ciggarette to drunken native)
by SKI-MO January 27, 2012
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An oppressed and favored people in the state of Alaska. Most live in small towns or villages in hovels with no plumbing and honey buckets for toilets and look like they've never been cleaned. They get priority in hiring for many companies for being a shareholder, but in actuality, few actually work and rely on the state for subsidies. Four wheelers and snow machines make up the majority of their transportation in the isolated communities. Most live in places where you cannot get in or out of the town without flying. Most of the older generation are stoic and many of the younger ones act like hoodlums. Alcohol is a deadly poison for many of them that will mess them up for life!
Alaska Native
by waspcoloredstain June 10, 2013
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