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A tall ginger that goes to college in the coldest place on earth. He is a magic guru that loves to live the dream. He plays rugby and loves to cuddle Alex Klein and Conner Woodruff. He has an apprentice to the AFC championship circuit because he is the reining champ. His apprentice's name is Sam Blair who has a man crush on Matt Honorato and John Martin. They Go to the "gym" with each other and play with balls. They hang out with some dirty hipsters named Don and Nick who want be Ben RAHA, a giant man who is just a big cuddly bear. This group of people all idolize the two coolest human being in the world. Oliver Bender and Pete Swiz
guy 1: I want to have the life of Alan Brown.

guy 2: well duh... he gets to hang out with Pete Swiz and Oliver Bender
by sunypburgh January 23, 2011
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