A very voluptuous man with very tight and big meanders. Epic Shag every geography lesson after school when all the girls have left. I love the special tickle time, especially with his year 7 form. Love his geography exams, don't know fuck all about the economic development in Nigeria but after a quick shag I get grade 9's. I really enjoy it when he teaches us about hydraulic action - Just the thought of the waves smashing against the rocks widening and deepening the hole ultimately making it easy to fit your cock into.
Alan Smith talking about meanders makes me bricked up - legit I could use my cock as coastal defence
by Walmart Bag in Dharavi February 14, 2022
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A beautiful sexy person. Many underestimate him and the effect he can have on peoples lives. Makes people laugh and smile alot and brightens up peoples lives. Not much you can saw about him as he is just so awesome. A real hit with the ladies
I wanna find the perfect boyfriend..
Oh, you better find yourself an ALAN SMITH.
by 123qwe.AS December 9, 2010
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The most average person on the planet.
Works in an office and has nothing interesting about him.
Guy 1: Who is that guy
Guy 2: I'm not sure.... it could be Alan Smith
by Unclemoe69 February 28, 2017
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