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A girl who has a beautiful smile, and is beautiful inside and out. She's talented, fun, charming, sweet, nice, loyal, faithful, honest, playful, listens, is respectful, has great taste in music, has an adorable laugh, and makes an amazing best friend/girlfriend. If you ever have an Alainna as a girlfriend, do not take advantage of it like I did. She's the perfect girl.
No one can measure up to Alainna.
by asdfjkajklwejfiej March 03, 2012
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The sexiest and most beautiful woman you will ever meet! Badd with a bangin' body! Always real and a lot of attitude.
Yo, look at that chick over there! She's badd, definitely an Alainna.

She has the body of an Alainna.

Her attitude is that of an Alainna.
by BlkRse November 08, 2010
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An Alainna is a beautiful girl with naturally brown hair and blueish green eyes. Alainna is really skinny and is very attractive to both, girls and guys. She never lies and gives great advice. If you meet an Alainna, she's a keeper so don't be mean to her, she could be the best thing you could ever get. She is really funny. She is really sexy, but doesnt usually know it. Alainna is the best person you could ever meet. Alainna's are the best!
Guy1: Have you seen Alainna today!
Guy2: Yeah, she is Stunning like always
Guy3: Ok I agree she is beautiful but you barely know her!
Guy1&2: IDC! We can become friends....

Girl1: Hey, Alainna, those guys are checking you out over there
Alainna: A lot of guys do, lol
by Lem0nR0ses July 05, 2018
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