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In the epic pursuit of carnal pleasures, there are few "intimacy enhancers" more potent than the "Alabama Pleasure Pack". Composed of but not limited to: One sleeve of goody's powder; one 20oz Mountian Berry Blast Powerade; a pack of bubblicious watermelon bubble gum; approx 21.2g of Funyuns; one expired condom (off brand only) and two tickets to the local livestock auction. The inclusion of semi-solid dairy products (i.e. Cheese Whiz) is highly recommended for lubrication purposes. The Alabama Pleasure Pack is often carried in a brown paper bag to your erotic destination. Application is completely at the end user's discretion.
"Hey Bubba, did your sister finally give it up last night?"
"Yeah she was hesitant at first, until i pulled out the ol' Alabama Pleasure Pack and by the end of the night she was pulling her teeth out of the ceiling fan and we still can't find the dog. My finger smells like it's been in a wookie.
by Leo Joseph July 09, 2010
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