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Al Wisam School is a school where the students enjoy reporting other students for acting normally, though different from them. The majority expects every student to be Muslims and speak Arabic - idiotic, as it is an international school.

Many of the males are desperate perverts, and nearly all students are extremely close-minded. Oh, and not to mention that students there are very sexist too (girls have little to nearly no rights)!

Though, their teachers and staff members are extremely lovely beings (exclude the principal of the school), and their food in their canteen is actually quite good and worthy of the price it's under.
Hassan: Which school are you transferring to, Ali?
Ali: I'm moving to Al Wisam School, I fucking hate it here in Al Noor.
Hassan: Shit, man - you're too open-minded for that school. You're definitely getting bullied.
Ali: I've always been a popular kid, I ain't ever getting bullied!
Hassan: We'll see about that...
by Crywank July 05, 2017
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