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An oxymoronic statement that one says while trying to court a person of the opposite sex. Usually offensive, and usually said by the man to the woman. Inspired by the chorus to Akon's song "Sexy Bitch", wherein the singer says, "I don't mean to be disrespectful" and then proceeds to repeatedly refer to the woman in question as a "Sexy Bitch".

Indicative of:
a)How stupid men are
b)How stupid rap lyrics can tend to be
Guy: Hey
Girl: Hey
Guy: You look really pretty.
Girl: Thank you
Guy: I mean, I'm trying to be respectful, but goddamn you have the juciest ass ever.
Girl: Uhhhh...*walks away*
Guy: Dammit...I didn't mean to use an Akon-oron. Shit!
by ExperimentalFilm November 15, 2009
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