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The girl everyone likes. She’s usually sweet and sour. Akisha can be kinky at times but usually she’s innocent. Someone you’d want to be beside you during your sad moments because she can cheer you up easily and quickly. Very attractive and cute. Also has a nice body and will be very successful in the future & has alot of different personalities
Boy 1 : “You know Akisha?”
Boy 2 : “The girl with the nice body?”
Boy 3 : “Yes”
by loveebunny12 May 12, 2018
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Akisha is usually a caribbean girl that does a lot of weird stuff. She usually pronounces words in a different way because she isn't adjusted to living in America yet. She loves philosophical thinking but is very indecisive. When dealing with an Akisha you can never be sure if she is really paying you attention or just pretending. However she is a fun loving person with many different personalities
You know Akisha?
Yea she's kind of weird but she's cool
by luvelylea December 02, 2014
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