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Kind, compassionate, sympathetic. Has a great sense of humor and is loyal. Strong enough to lean on when I need to but comfortable enough to cry if things get bad. Would rather spend a night cuddled on the couch watching a movie then hanging out with the guys watching football. Easy going temperament and not afraid to say sorry when he is wrong. Goes out of his way to cheer me up when I am blue
Akber is the sweetest guy ever!
by csn91 January 31, 2011
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a human being with the same amount of chromosomes as the table next to me. also frequently makes sudden outbursts that sound like squirrels being shot repeatedly.
Guy 1: hey did you hear about that Akber kid?
Guy 2: yeah man, I talked to him and he sounds like he has -13 chromosomes
by your mother June 03, 2018
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To make a deal promising something of great value, only to end up giving an item which is either broken, missing components, etc.

The term originated in Mississauga, Ontario, and now extends throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
"Man I got Akber'ed by John. He was supposed to sell me his computer, but the fucker took out the video card before he gave it to me"
by idealog September 16, 2009
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