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The largest and most popular Canadian forum on the topic of airsoft. Widely regarded as one of the most complete archive of related subjects and a large group of active and knowledgeable members.

Also the source of much internet drama, because 14 year olds can't wrap their heads around the specific particularities of airsoft in Canada. The legal issues have prompted the community to defend their hobby by enforcing a country wide ban of the prolification of minor ownership of guns.

Since the forum has been around since almost a decade, a lot of issues have been discussed over and over, thus a quick search is recommended before asking a question, as should be customary in any forums.

Many people, specifically minors, have a hard time adapting to the etiquette if the forum, thus post butthurt articles on urban dictionary to get an e-high, thinking we give a shit.

FAQ off!

Airsoft Canada: "Uh, no? Here's a link that explains why guns are hard to find in Canada, here's one on the procedure to have access to the classifieds, here's one to the games..."

2 day old newbie: "WAAAAMBULANCE!!!1!"
by surebet August 11, 2009
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A lost cause, An airsoft forum based in Canada. These forums will be the very death of airsoft because of there inability and refusal to band together and change the laws and importation regarding airsoft in Canada. And because of something called the "Age Verification" system, which requires you to meet up with an "Age Verifier" in real life and show them that you are 18 years of age in order to purchase airsoft guns, because of this many new people have been turned away from the sport because of this time consuming process. Airsoft Canada has went out of there way to make sure NO airsoft guns are readily available in Canada. When new people try to join the sport or use mid-range guns they are immediately turned away from the sport by the elitist people on the forums. Airsoft in Canada is strict Milsim only and a lot of the forum members stand by the "milsim first, Than fun" code. When non-verified members ask questions there flamed for not being verified and accused of being under 18 despite some are 20-30. Pusangani and Kalnaren are notorious for flaming and cause most new members to leave and not come back, thus killing airsoft farther. If you have earned the privilege of being "Age Verified" you have to be prepared to invest more than $300 on a gun such as Jing-Gong or Kjw. For a Tokyo Marui be prepared to spend $500, And for a Systema/Ptw $900-$1500. You are not allowed to game with anything lower than Jing-Gong or else you are turned down by ASC and not allowed to show up at games.
Anonymous user: Anyone know where to get a new mechbox for a Jing-Gong m4?

Airsoft Canada: Are you Age-Verified?

Anonymous user: No, and how do I become verifed

Airsoft Canada: Banned.
by anonymous airsofter August 09, 2009
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