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1. One with a bad case of acne and a nose that looks like it came off of a pig.

2. A person who thinks his maps and creations are the best, even though they sometimes aren't.

3. A person who's 100% anti-Reborn.

4. A bias person.

5. Someone who insults you when they're losing in an argument because they don't know what else to say, which in turn leads to them looking like an idiot.
"I have bad acne, I look like a pig, I think my maps are the best, I'm 100% anti-Reborn because I didn't make it, I'm bias, and I insult people when I feel stupid (which is quite often). LoL! I r Lik ze boot seks!!!oneoneone!!111!nine!
I r0x0rs!!!!!!!!!

Reborn sucks"
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1. One who has the biggest fucking head you've ever seen.

2. Simply, a stupid person.

3. When your girlfriend's family member says she died because she wanted you instead.
1. Person: My maps are the best.

2. Person: OMG I R COOL

3: Person: Dude, my girl just Aircraftkiller-ed me!
by alsdkfjlkasjdflkj July 12, 2004
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