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A sexual move where the bitch is lying on her back and her legs are spring loaded back against your shoulders. You then thrust down with enough force that her legs and the springs in the bed propel you back into the air making you an 'Airborne Ranger' for a few milliseconds.
"Yo dawg I just went airborne ranger on this bitches ass"
by Hardon666 August 11, 2009
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short for "i want to be an airborne ranger!", generally done while banging one's head into some solid, hard object. This is generally done when frustrated or just trying to avoid a female superior. Based on the ability of airborne rangers to jump out of planes with or without parachutes on to get away.
"Johnson, get those reports in by 5."

"Yes maim." (banging of head, I WANNA BE AN AIRBORNE RANGER!)
by Tigo August 07, 2007
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