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A politically correct program that was developed and currently being used in the U.S. Air Force. This program is to raise awareness of sexual assault and how intercede in a bad situation.

But in reality, this program is to encourage all Airmen to dispel any jokes and activities which raises morale. Airmen or NCOs who volunteered to be an instructor for this program usually are the very sensitive politically correct whiny bitches who needs a promotion bullet so they can get the Promote Now or Must Promote in their EPR. They never had any kind of fun because they're the Negative Nancys within their Squadron/Fligt. They call the cool people who loves to have fun and crack jokes within each other "Red Dots". However they can seem nice but they’re likely going to back stab their peers or airmen just to make rank.
Red Dot Airman: Bacon can cure Islamic Fighters from being a suicide bomber.

Green Dot NCO: That's very offensive and it hurts my feelings. You're being a Red Dot. You need to go to Air Force Green Dot training so you can learn some manners.

Red Dot Airman: I see you need to lighten up Francis but whatever it takes to get the promotion.

Green Dot NCO: I will now schedule a Mass Air Force Green Dot Training after duty hours since you’re all being

Red Dot Airman: This is why Morale in the Air Force isn’t Pretty Darn Good. You’re Toxic Leadership.
by JCUSAF23 December 31, 2017
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