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A school in Aiken South Carolina. Aiken High was previously famous for it's roaches the size of rats, and it's rats the size of dogs. However, thanks to our district superintendent, we received a new campus with state of the art facilities. But we didn't get any learning materials (we actually got rid of textbooks) and now our already insanely low TOTAL I.Q. of 6 has now dropped to 5. The people in Aiken high remain as awful as ever, like come the fuck on guys, being either a pot-head, completely self- absorbed, or totally socially inept. The teachers are alright mostly. Also this school never ceases to give each student, teacher, and staff member a headache or depression. Are sports range from ok to just the worst, our football team is one of the worst in the state, volleyball is good, tennis is decent, swimming pretty good, cross country is all preps but just ok, golf is not a sport, and basketball is good.
"I am proud to attend Aiken High"
"Ha! says no one ever"
by _white_guy4 May 10, 2019
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