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She is a gorgeous athletic girl. Hates when people criticize about her size. She is very insecure. But in the end she just wants to have a good time. She wants everyone to be happy even if she's not. She is the kindest, nicest, prettiest person you will probably meet.
Dude 1: Man Aijalon is gorgeous!

Dude 2: Aijalon is pretty as hell! I would bang her.
by Keair July 09, 2013
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A complete moron. He'll babble about things like he really knows what he's talking about. This dude should be avoided at all cost or else he'll bore you to death. One way of avoiding this kind of doom is to bash him in the face with a hammer.
Dude, he's here. Get the hammer, quick! It's Aijalon!
by wtfuuuuuuuuck February 14, 2011
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