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This guy is the most sweetest and cutest guy you will ever have. He is the most best friend you can ask for. If you are friends with an ahmaad you should never let him go but get closer. he will never rush anything.and is really respectful but hilarious at the same time. If he makes a mistake or gets into a fight with someone close he will regret what he did even after he was forgiven, so he is really sweet and will try to make everything better. if you know an ahmaad you should become closer friends than you were before, he does not rush anything and always supports people. If you have the chance drop hints for dating. Overall ahmaad needs to be kept close and make alot of jokes with him he is the kind of person that is sarcastic when needed and is funny or serious according to situations and he gives alot of attention to others. If he loves talking to you he is IN TO YOU.
by Maria1Khan2 October 27, 2017
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Smells like poop and constantly brings down others. But, boi look at your hairline !!! Ya shit crooked boi fuck up before you get fucked up by me. Coming to claim ya hood soon! The real savage GLTTT
ew ahmaad look like a blackhead
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