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Ahlana is a beautiful girl who is full of surprises! Ahlanas are never calm and always have something to say. They are bitchy sometimes but , she will be in your heart forever!! Love you Ahlana!
-Jaidyn Copeland-
Do you see that girl?!? She's such an Ahlana!
by Ahlana Pool March 13, 2015
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Ahlana is someone with a heart that melts in sympathy as no one is more understanding than her. Her eyes are shattered stars from the face of heaven and her voice is sliver melted into sound. Mermaids are jealous of the grace she bestows upon any beholder; she makes any jewel look dull and crusted. Flowers gift her with their smell and the sun loves to smile down at her. Her laugh is bike rides; cold wind whipping the world in felicity, her soul is ribboned with a constellation of tear and she won the world at a carnival.
I wish there were more words to describe Ahlana.
by I love you come back March 10, 2018
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