Some stupid Arab's/Muslim's name that is commonly said in jokes about Arabs. It has come to be used as a pronoun meaning Arab.
person 1~All of those Ahkmeds should go back to Iraq.
Person 2~Word up man...
Ahkmed~ Hey... That offends me and my Muslim culture.
Person 1~Shut up you Arabian idiot!!!
by Fartmaster P October 8, 2005
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A skeleton ventiliquists dummy who is famous for his phases 'Silence! I kill you!', 'Stop touching me!' and 'Knock Knock!' 'Who's there?' 'Me! I kill you!'

As Ahkmed is the body of an Muslim Suicide Bomber working for Bin Laden, some people may recognise accent and phrases and take offence, paticullarly if they are Muslim, or Indian. (Not being racist here)
Joey: Hey, I got Ahkmed the Dead Terrorist on my cell phone!
Steve: 'Cool! Let's hear it!'
Ahkmed: 'Silence! I kill you!'
Masood: 'Is that a suicide bomber? That's so racist!'
by DramionePerfected May 17, 2010
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Ahkmed Abdul-Rasheesh Gerban Gouli Hamedadov is commonly refered to as an inbred Lebanese man, who has never had sex before and has a terrible beard.
do you know Ahkmed Abdul-Rasheesh Gerban Gouli Hamedadov?

yes, he's a shit bloke
by Angus_Helbers October 28, 2020
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