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Ahina is a beautiful girl. She has eyes that cant be explained; a galaxy of earthy colors that swirl around continuously. Her lips are full and luscious and her unique brunette locks is a thick seabed of waves. You'll never see anyone like Ahina; her face is just unforgettable and when she sings you suddenly enter a whole new world. Her flaws are what make her so much more than just Ahina: She can be super crazy which is incredibly hilarious, and her humor is even better, she makes sure everyones happy and if someones sad/angry etc she will try her hardest to make them feel better. Ahina is single because many of the boys are afraid of her; she holds a great lioness inside of her, if you annoy her or any of her friends she will pounce and attack. Shes capable of doing many things but she herself and many others dont know that which adds to her mysteriousness. Ahina denies many of her compliments because she hasnt yet learnt to accept and love herself of who she truly is. She holds grudges for a very long time but in the end she will try and learn to forgive. Ahina is an amazing friend and you'll wish that you could meet her.
WOW! Who is that?? Shes BEAUTIFUL, surley shes a model..? Is that.......Ahina?
by sickobamba1123564773 January 23, 2019
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Δ€hinas are sassy and beautiful. They have dark brown hair, brown eyes and they eyelashes are amazing. They don't need a guy, they are independent and brave.
That's sooo Δ€hina
by Davadachicken December 28, 2017
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