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Ahijah is a smart well man he is also a blind god he is smart and don't like some people like bullys
Love able and fine of your name ahijah your the best
by Ahijah geffard June 08, 2017
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A nice chocolate girl who stays to herself , she's very pretty , has a very small circle , has a little cute butt , her type is only chocolate men and she's educated but never texts anyone back cause she's either eating or sleep .
i would love to be ahijah !!
by polly hairy June 18, 2018
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Ahijah is a fine ass nigga. Talks shit but can back it up. He is tough inside and out and shouldn’t be messed with. He is funny and smart if he wants to be and can pull any bitch he wants. He’s also very loyal. Rarely anything you say or do can affect him. His main weakness is heartbreak. He keeps 3 circles, outer hold aquatinted people, inner holds friends, core holds people he loves and trust. He is very quick in everything he does. And loves to clap the female cheeks.
Who is that?

Bitch that’s Ahijah how you ain’t heard about him !?
by Youngpoudiip October 09, 2019
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