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Light-hearted math-related stuff—jokes, puns, tidbits, stories, and the like—that are shared among Ah Bengs—Chinese hooligans who speak crudely and dress outlandishly.
Here's an ah-beng math story that uses the numbers 1 to 10, which won the Singlish-speaking writer first prize: "1 day I go 2 climb a 3 outside a house to peep. But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4 down. The man came out and wanted to 5 with me. I ran until I fell 6 and threw up. So I go to 7-Eleven and grabbed some 8 to throw at him. Then I took a 9 and try to stab him. 10 God he ran away."
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by MathPlus February 07, 2017
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