An aging emo is basically an emo who now knows they were pathetic as fuck but is still too emo to quite get over their newfound deeper selfhatred so now the aging emo will act like a fucking cunt to compensate

Symptoms of an aging emo include:

>acting like an asshole
>internet trolling
>picking on younger emos out of resentment
>hating the fuck out of most other emos
>hating anyone that shows excessive emotion
>wearing band tees and skinny jeans but insisting you're not emo
>sporting scars but swearing you're not emo
>being a /b/tard
Wow that post was edgy must've been in aging emo
by XxxMiseryxxX July 24, 2016
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Being sexually attracted to men in the age range of their 30s-40s and typically these men are in emo rock bands in which they sing about death and their feelings. they typically have red, black, or brown hair and scream a lot. More specifically, they are most likely to be found in New Jersey or Ohio. This sexually is very hard to pursue, considering these men are 20+ years older than you, they are married, they have kids, and they don’t even know you exist even though they saved your life.
Omg you’re so pretty, are you lesbian?
Oh no you see, I’m middle aged emo boy sexual
by Emo fag:) May 3, 2021
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